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Science True Religion Canada fiction and fantasy (I had the image of wolvie and the helacopter crash here(And actually had it here first: ) ), but since it's in two other posts as well, deleting it to avoid wasting space. ) All that being said, i think this is something that has never been written consistently;We've seen him swim before, in the 'claws' miniseries he did fine, yet the above image shows it scares him.And i believe he had an underwater swimming fight with tigershark, although rogue pulls him from the water pretty quickly.Any experienced swimmer / seal / lifeguard can tell you that it's quite possible to swim carrying an extra hundred pounds, even if it is tiring.So there's no reason he shouldn't be able to, given his strength, endurance, etc.Given the range of skills logan has learned over his long life-Span, swimming is something he would have learned how to do and used during his time as a member of covert operations.Under most protocols it would be a requirement. It's not a mattter of training or true religion. ability Of course, wolverine can swim.His body weight, while an impressive 325 pounds, should be no match for superhuman levels of strength and stamina.He is capable of easily lifting 800-1200 pounds and running at speeds of up to 35 miles per hour for hours on end.His body produces limited fatigue toxins and those are processed immediately allowing him the ability to swim nearly indefinitely.The operative word is nearly.Eventually, trapped at sea, even he would drown through exhaustion. His body, even enhanced with its extra 105 pounds of adamantium, would be a perfect enhancement because it is at the core level of his being.He would have to work a bit harder, swim a bit stronger, and his core buoyancy would be affected but he would be using his raw muscular strength to overcome that.We have human seal team members who have been trained to swim with 100 pounds of unbalanced and cumbersome equipment.His weight is completely internalized and already balanced. Wolverine's problem with water http://www.pdu-direct.com/ is a psychological one. Warrior, berserker, engine of destruction Logan is the living embodiment of combat.His body is filled with a genetic disposition for battle.Bones and tissues regenerate from nearly every injury, as fast as he can be harmed, within reason.A body with bone claws, superior physical senses, combat awareness sharpened by decades of training.Beserk rages allowing his body under duress to be even more powerful, more deadly, so even when he is overwhelmed by enemies he can keep fighting! Swimming, and more importantly drowning, are directly opposed to his natural tendencies.Drowning is the antithesis of combat.You are alone, in the dark, with no one to direct your rage against.Oceans are large and almost impossible to cross under your own power. Now imagine being a man whose body is designed to fight against any threat and win, surrounded by the only enemy he can never defeat, no matter how undying he might be, this would be an enemy he would be psychologically unhappy to confront, no matter how little or much swimming he would have to do. Innate fear, magnified by his natural ability to survive Wolverine hates the water because it can kill him, again and again, until he is rescued or until the trauma of drowning, one of the most traumatic ways to die, drives him insane.Drowning works against his nature, he is a being designed to struggle, and used to struggling effectively against any foe, struggling when drowning only increases the speed of drowning.From the way he talks whenever he talks about swimming, i am lead to believe he has experienced this trauma at least once. Yes, wolverine can swim.He does so with trepidation because it is one of the only ways he can be killed, again and again and is completely dependent on someone else to save him.As the perfect warrior, his psyche has trouble processing this and he is, and it makes sense for him to be, water averse. Normal human body weight is 70% water, which is obviously the same density as water and doesn't drag us down.So it's the 30% of the rest of our weight that drags.Add lungs full of air which is lighter than water and staying afloat is natural to most people, no matter how much they weigh. Wolverine is 300 pounds, but 105 of it is adimantium, meaning roughly 30%.So for wolverine only a little over 50% of his body weight is water and the other half is dragging.And depending on the density of adimantium it could be dragging him down a lot. Without knowing the density of adamantum it's hard to say how hard it'd be for him to stay above the surface, but since it is a metal i assume it would be very exhausting for logan.He'd have to apply constant thrust and would sink as soon as he tried to rest.Thanks to his super strength and endurance, i reckon he can swim but would be at at great disadvantage since he'd have to constantly use all his arms and legs just to keep from going down like a stone. Alot of the answers here say that he would find it alot more difficult and tiring to swim compared to anyone else because of the extra 105 pounds weight.I don't see that being a problem as someone who weighs 200 pounds can swim just as well as someone who only weighs 95 pounds. Bearing in mind that wolverine weighs 300 pounds at all times, not just in water, and can run, jump, climb etc.Just as well as most other heroes, he obviously has the muscles to carry that weight around with no great problem, and this would be true in water, on land or anywhere else. It's not so much about how strong he is, it's if he can deploy enough of that strength.He obviously can swim, but it has to be laborious for him.His proportion are still that of a 200lbs person, even though he weighs 50% more.Which means that he can only deploy the amount of strength that a person of much lower strength can in the water.The power he can use is based on how much resistance(Push/pull)He can create to move.And much like a normal human that resistance is limited by the size and shape of his hands/feet/legs moving through the water.And for normal humans as it is our strength already exceeds the amount of resistance we create in the water.

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